Are you studying harder than you need to?...

Medicine is tough – with so many exams and endless content, it’s difficult to find down-time, let alone extra time to socialise or build your CV with research and society work. No wonder burnout is so common in medical students.

Fortunately, it IS possible to study medicine smarter not harder

I was able to unlock more time by studying smarter – its what helped me to consistently rank top of the year for 6 years at university, whilst finding plenty of time to get involved in research, building and scaling a national organisation and starting a successful startup; more importantly though, all while protecting myself from burnout and getting as much down-time as I wanted.

Unlocking more time will help you to…

✅ Enjoy more of uni life
✅ Build your CV through research & society work
✅ Start a side hustle
✅ Have more time for a part-time job
✅ Create more freedom

HOW to study is just as important as WHAT to study...

Highly recommended medical education resources.
What to study?

Med school pressures…

🙌I’m here to help…

The MedEd Vault.
The MedEd Vault.

WHAT to study. MedEd is becoming more and more digital! Here you’ll find top recommended question banks, podcasts, social media accounts and websites.

Study hacks hub.
Study hacks hub.

HOW to study. Find your optimal learning style with evidence-based study hacks to help you study smarter and unlock more time.

Find. Capture. Cover.
Find. Capture. Cover.

Coming soon… a full guide on how I consistently ranked top of the year at medical school.

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