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Matt Barrett

My Backstory.

Hi friends,

I’m Matt, I’m a junior doctor based in London and I’m an advocate for supporting those who want to build side-hustles and businesses around their clinical career. I believe that entrepreneurship is a skill within everyone – it’s just waiting to be unlocked.

I graduated from Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry in 2020. As soon as I finished medical school I did something unconventional. I dropped out straight away in the pursuit of starting a career in clinical entrepreneurship! I did it without any business mentors, experience or formal business qualifications – more on that later.

Ofcourse, entrepreneurship doesn’t excite everyone in medicine, but that being said, there’s an ever-growing number of us in healthcare who want more from a career in medicine. I ask you this: Do you think about starting a side-hustle or business either now or in the future? Do you want to build alternative income streams that could allow you to spend more time doing what you actually want to do at any stage of your career? Do you want to affect more peoples lives and solve meaningful problems? Do you want to push your self to your full potential? If you answer yes to any, then this website is for you.

There’s a problem though… its very hard to start out – its a different world to medicine afterall – you have to upskill yourself, take calculated risks, continually learn and build your networks. Early on in my own journey, I had to immerse myself in education, consuming dozens of books, podcasts, YouTube videos and website articles. Knowing where to focus your attention is difficult. Building up effective habits to increase your productivity is difficult. Developing the insight and self-awareness of whether an opportunity is getting you closer or not to your goals in life is difficult. One things for sure though: you’re more likely to be successful by considering the insights of those who have trodden a similar path and share a common goal.

Whether you want to be an entrepreneur in medicine, or launch a side-hustle in a field of interest that is completely different, it all starts with developing an entrepreneurial mindset, heartset and skillset. Whilst on my own jouney, my goal is to help others realise their inner entrepreneur and keep moving forwards.

So back to my backstory. I delayed starting my clinical career for a year to launch a start-up. This was a calculated risk though, I had built a relationship with my future co-founder and refined our MVP through PhD-validated research methods for several years before the COVID-19 pandemic brought an opportunity to formally launch – all we had to do was dive right in. ARCTERA was born and I took the leap to become Chief Operations Officer full-time.

ARCTERA aims to revolutionise the way clinical decision-making is taught. Our mission is to reduce the incidence of clinical errors that arise due to poor clinical decision-making and ultimately save patients lives. Using our technologies and PhD-validated research, we developed a novel learning platform to create easily accessible, scalable and immersive clinical environments. We developed a platform to train clinical decision-making in a more consistent, high-yield, and safer manner than the current gold standard of in-person clinical simulation training.

Fast forward to now and I’ve started working in hospital as a doctor whilst our startup is continually growing. My time out completely changed my outlook on a medical career. I realised I could affect more people, build something more meaningful and most importantly for me, I could do it now rather than waiting 15-20 years to become a consultant.

No matter whether you’re thinking of starting, already started or well into your entrepreneurial journey, we all need that push to keep moving forwards. I made this site to create content to help us on our entrepreneurial journey, especially those coming from a background in medicine. I hope you find it useful!

Also, if you happen to be a medical student, I used the same principles of goal setting, mindset and consistency to unlock high academic performance whilst at medical school. I’ve outlined how I studied smarter, not harder in my guide: How I Consistnely Ranked First At Medical School here!

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