Unlock your inner entrepreneur

Build Side-Hustles and Businesses.

The world needs more clinical entrepreneurs.

I believe everyone has their own unique advantages and potential to launch side-hustles and businesses alongside (or in replacement of) their career in medicine.

Do you want to upskill yourself with the knowledge and confidence to spot business opportunities? Have you spotted problems in healthcare that need solving?

Or maybe you want to create passive sources of income as a medical student or junior to support you throughout your training years?

Whether you aim to start now or in the future, the sooner you get started, the greater the chance of success.

I produce content to help us unlock our inner entrepreneur.

My content.

So you want to start a side-hustle or business alongside your healthcare career, but where do you start? Where should you focus your attention? When I started, I had to learn the hard way. Without any business mentors, I regularly immersed myself in a mass of books, podcasts and web articles in an attempt to learn more about the world of entrepreneurship. The problem is, finding relevant, concise content isn’t easy, especially with the added pressure of juggling these habits alongside a career in medicine. I want to make it easier for you.

Ultimately you are the only person who will move yourself forwards towards your personal goals – whether that be helping as many people as possible, achieving financial freedom, or creating a career that allows you to live life on your own terms. I produce content for those of us on a similar journey. Developing the mindset, heartset and skillset to succeed in entrepreneurship is key to staying focused. My content is based on four pillars:

UX/UI Design

Principles of success psychology and goal setting to help you ride the highs and lows of entrepreneurship.

Brand Identity

You don’t have to have an expensive MBA to succeed in creating your own side hustle or business. However, you will need some business acumen. See my unofficial guides here.

UX/UI Design

Here I outline personal reflections, principles on emotional intelligence, and productivity hacks that have helped me on my entrepreneurial journey.

Web Development

You are what you consume. Here you’ll find all my top picks for books, podcasts, websites and influential idols.

The problem.

Although a career in medicine is highly rewarding, a significant number of the healthcare workforce are unsatisfied with the pressures of their career. Physicians commonly feel overworked, underpaid and undervalued.

Real life data

Burnout in numbers.

Unfortunately, physician burnout is more common than you might expect. Each year the British Medical Journal and the American Medical Association release survey data on physician burnout – their data show alarming rates (see below). Commonly cited reasons for burnout and halting training progression include long working hours, poor work-life balance, poor pay and highly competitive training posts.


Sources: BMJ (2021); AMA (2020)

Live life on your own terms

Why pursue entrepreneurship in medicine?

Entrepreneurship is a highly valuable and life-changing skill that can be pursued at any stage of your career.

Ultimately, starting side-husltes and businesses can enable you to…

✅ Create more freedom and control of your own time
✅ Affect more people’s lives
✅ Build passive income streams and the potential for financial freedom
✅ Unlock a more varied clinical career
✅Grow through constant personal and professional development

Be active now to be passive later.

Effectively solve meaningful problems in a way that creates value. Choose your level…

UX/UI Design
Ad hoc income streams

Create products or services of value.

e.g. books/ebooks, online courses, in-person courses and events, ad hoc services.

Brand Identity
Lifestyle Businesses

Create a business that funds the lifestyle you want and nothing more.

e.g. Recurring events, membership sites, e-commerce, content creation, tutoring/coaching.


Think big. Seek, develop and validate a scaleable business. Grow with successive rounds of funding. Go public or exit for a large capital event.

But it isn’t easy...

Nothing worth doing is easy. Entrepreneurship is a journey of incredible highs and miserable lows – but isnt everything in life? What differentiates those who are successful from those that are not, is the tenacity to keep moving forwards despite the setbacks.

UX/UI Design
👎Entrepreneurship is:

– Not covered in medical school
– A totally different skillset to what we’re used to
– Based on trial and error
– Requires continual personal development
– Against the grain of a typical career
– Involves uncertainty and risk

Brand Identity
👍But we have our unfair advantages:

Us healthcare professionals have a particular set of skills that complement entrepreneurship when it comes to…

– Problem solving
– Research & hypothesis testing
– Communication & team working
– Lifelong learning
– Credibility
– Networking

I’m here to help

Succeeding in anything requires consistency and intention. The problem is, you’re the only person who will move you forwards. Without passion, clear goals and grit, the life that clinical entrepreneurship could offer you is likely to always remain a pipe dream.

I produce content to help us become CEOs of our own lives whilst helping us build the confidence and knowledge-base to spot business opportunities. Keep moving forwards and build a career in medicine that allows you to live life on your own terms.


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