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Preparing for exams is similar to training like a high-performance athlete.

How you train your brain in the run up to exams and the habits you exercise throughout the year is the key to studying smarter not harder.

Study smarter, get higher grades and unlock more time.

Find. Capture. Cover.

Whether you want to score higher, study more efficiently or create more time to invest in yourself, I’ve got you covered.

I’m creating a study guide to go deeper into exactly how I was able to consistently rank top of the year at medical school whilst creating plenty of time to invest elsewhere.

For me, that meant getting involved in plenty of research, building an organisation and creating a start-up alongside medical school.

I’m going to dig deeper into:

✅My techniques for acing exams
✅Effective study habits
✅Leveraging time & technology to learn more in less time
✅Evidence-based learning methods
✅How to greatly enhance your CV at medical school

Find. Capture. Cover.

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