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We shouldn’t study hard at the expense of our own health. Here I share content on how I consistently ranked overall first place each year during medical school and my undergraduate degree without sacrificing my mental health, sleep or social life.

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Study smarter not harder! Academic excellence at medical school doesn’t mean you have to forfeit all your spare time to constant studying. Too often, students get burnt out from revising too hard without having enough down time. I was able to consistently rank first at medical school by unlocking and leveraging more time in my days, and studying differently to my peers.

It allowed me to study smarter, not harder and achieve consistent results over both my time in medical school and my undergraduate degree in biomedical science. I share exactly how in all the blogs on this page! I hope it helps.

But this is more than just exam performance… I hope that the habits shared in this collection will help you to unlock more time and freedom around your student life. My hope is that building effective study habits will free you up, giving you plenty of opportunities to create the memories of university life that’ll stay with you forever.

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Below you’ll find the overall guide. I quickly realised that I could delve deeper on many of the topics. Further down the page you’ll find a series of spin offs from this main article!

How I Consistently Ranked Top of the Year at Medical School: A Guide to Studying Smarter Not Harder.

Study smarter not harder and protect yourself from burnout.

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Here you’ll find all the spin offs from the main article…

How I Consistently Ranked First at Medical School

Introduction Medical school is tough. With a never ending supply of content, all-year-round exams and the toll of attending hospital placements, it is no wonder that…

The Best Resources to Excel at Medical School

Introduction I often get asked what resources Id recommend to do well at medical school – well here’s the comprehensive list that helped me rank first…

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