🫀Cardiac Arrest Reversible Causes | Medical Mnemonics

Memory hack to NEVER FORGET the reversible causes of cardiac arrest. A highly examinable question and essential knowledge that could help you save a patients life.

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Step 1: Recall the mnemonics name

🔐Remember the reversible causes of cardiac arrest: H&Ts

Step 2: Recall the components

H – Hypovolaemia

H – Hyperkalaemia (electrolyte abnormalities)

H – Hypothermia

H – Hypoxia

T – Thrombosis (VTE/MI)

T – Tension pneumothorax

T – Toxins

T – Tamponade

Step 3: Extra details

The Hs are generally those that are LOW (hypoxia, hypovolaemia, hypothermia). Other than hyperkalaemia (but this signifies electrolyte abnormalities which may be high or low)

You may prefer to remember Ts as “Throw (thrombus) Ten (tension pneumothorax) Toxic (toxins) Tampons (tamponade)”


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