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Memory hack to NEVER FORGET the management of sepsis. The is eventual medical knowledge and highly examinable.

🔥Been here before? Test your active recall before revealing the answers!

Step 1: Recall the mnemonics name

🔐Remember the management of sepsis with: 3 ins 3 outs

Step 2: Recall the components

3 Ins:

– Oxygen

– IV fluids

– Antibiotics

3 Outs:

– Lactate

– Urine output monitoring

– Blood cultures

Step 3: Extra details

– Oxygen (if needed depending on SpO2)

– IV fluids (Usually given in 250-500mL boluses stat to improve BP if in septic shock)

– Antibiotics (Usually broad spectrum first then refined to narrow spectrum after the causative has been identified)

3 Outs:

– Lactate (usually via ABG/VBG blood gas)

– Urine output monitoring (consider urinary catheterisation to strictly measure)

– Blood cultures (ideally before antibiotics are given but shouldn’t but treatment shouldn’t be delayed if in extremis)

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