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Medical School Academic Tutoring.
Medical School Academic Tutoring.

One-to-one online tuition to smash your academic goals. Learn the high-yield study habits that helped me to consistently rank first place at university for 6 years.

– Tailored online revision sessions
Remote and flexible delivery
– Adjusted to your optimal learning style
Mock exams and vivas
– 24/7 access and support
– Study smarter not harder to unlock more time.

Medical School Masterclass
Medical School Masterclass

Build the skills in medical school to unlock your potential and supercharge your CV.

– How to write and publish your first research paper
– How to maximise your research output (How I wrote 20 papers in medical school)
– How to find your perfect mentors in person and online
– How to get any society position you want
– How I built a national organisation as a medical student.
– How to maximise your CV points for medical and surgical training
-The art of building leverage as a medical student

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