💊TB Drugs | Medical Mnemonics

Memory hack to NEVER FORGET the common drugs used in the treatment to Tuberculosis, as well as their side effects.

🔥Been here before? Test your active recall before revealing the answers!

Step 1: Recall the mnemonics name

Remember the typical TB drug cocktail with: RIPE

Step 2: Recall the components

R – Rifampicin

I – Isoniazid

P – Pyrazinamide

E – Ethambutol

Step 3: Extra details

R – Rifampicin (makes secretions orange; CYP450 Inducer – Recall CRAPGPS for Enzyme inducers)

I – Isoniazid – give with pyridoxine as causes peripheral neuropathy

PPyrazinamide (causes Painful joints)

E – Ethambutol (remember ‘eyes’ – causes optic neuritis)

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